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Catharsis for the Last Jedi... *SPOILERS*

Reviews for “The Last Jedi” are in abundance right now. Everybody has an opinion and the general consensus seems to be that the movie was terrible. I can’t argue with that. There is not a lot to like here. There is a little, don’t get me wrong. But, overall… you’re right to be so pissed off about Disney’s handling of this movie’s legacy. I’m going to do my best here to not simply regurgitate what’s already been said about this film. (This will be tough, as I think the movie’s been reviewed more in the last two weeks than any film’s been reviewed in a year. But, I think my take is a bit different from most of what’s out there.) I’ll also note that this review took me a while to finish, because, like everyone else, I wanted  desperately t o like this movie. But, I don’t. It took me a bit to come to grips with the reality of that. It's not all bad. There are, in spite of everything… three things about this movie that are legitimately great. Three things that shine out in the