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Covid-19, The Great Reset, One-World Communist Rule... and the Documentation that It Was All Planned Ahead of Time

"This was all planned." Lots of people are saying that. In point of fact, lots of people have been saying that since the pandemic began. But, you might ask,... who said it first? The first to proclaim that the institution of a One-World, Totalitarian, Fasco-Communist Society would be carried out via the staging of a global pandemic and the ensuing response to it,... was the Rockefeller Foundation, in their May 2010 internal-document "Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development" which they not only lay the plan out, step by step, in a number of different scenarios for full takeover of government, industry, technology, and culture,... (scenarios which they've dubbed; "Lock Step," "Clever Together," "Hack Attack," and "Smart Scramble,") ...but also declare their intention to enact said plan, and said scenarios, each of which they propose trying in a different part of the world to gauge the e