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Pfizer Confirms: Their Covid-19 Vaccine is 2-3 Times More Lethal than the Virus

  Having dealt a crushing defeat to the Food and Drug Administration in a Texas District Court, the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency immediately released a bevy of Pfizer documents on the Pharmaceutical giant's ostensible "Covid-19 Vaccine." The information contained therein is completely damning. It is, in fact, devastating. The "informed" aspect of "Informed Consent" has been completely lacking in the ability of patients to choose whether or not to receive the "vaccine." This, of course, did not stop establishment fixtures from news media to governors to public school officials to doctors and hospitals themselves from exerting extreme pressure upon patients to accept the never before used upon human beings MRNA gene-therapy injections,  anyway.  Had patients had access to the full information on the risks presented by Pfizer's MRNA gene-therapy "vaccine," many would likely have chosen to rely upon thera