Pfizer Confirms: Their Covid-19 Vaccine is 2-3 Times More Lethal than the Virus


Having dealt a crushing defeat to the Food and Drug Administration in a Texas District Court, the Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency immediately released a bevy of Pfizer documents on the Pharmaceutical giant's ostensible "Covid-19 Vaccine." The information contained therein is completely damning. It is, in fact, devastating.

The "informed" aspect of "Informed Consent" has been completely lacking in the ability of patients to choose whether or not to receive the "vaccine."

This, of course, did not stop establishment fixtures from news media to governors to public school officials to doctors and hospitals themselves from exerting extreme pressure upon patients to accept the never before used upon human beings MRNA gene-therapy injections, anyway. 

Had patients had access to the full information on the risks presented by Pfizer's MRNA gene-therapy "vaccine," many would likely have chosen to rely upon therapeutic treatment, (had the medical industry given treatment options any attention) and natural immunity, rather than subjecting themselves, and more recently, their children to this ostensible "vaccine" which has NINE PAGES of negative side effects and adverse events.

Nevertheless, that information is now available.
You can download it here: Pfizer Vaccine Adverse Effects 

Pfizer, backed by the United States Food and Drug Administration, held this documentation back until now, because the courts have MADE THEM release it to the PHMPT (see above.)

To be clear, the company's plan (which again, was approved by the Federal Government) was to wait until the year 2085 to release this information.

Breaking down the numbers in the report, out of an initial 42,086 "vaccine" recipients...

-1,403 instances of "Cardiovascular Adverse Events of Special Interest.
    --These include...
        -PTs Acute Myocardial Infarction
        -Cardiac Failure
        -Acute Cardiac Failure
        -Cardiogenic Shock
        -Coronary Artery Disease
        -Myocardial Infarction
        -Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome
        -Stress Cardiomyopathy

-136 instances were fatal

-380 outcomes "unknown"

-3,067 subjects still experienced COVID despite the vaccination.

-136 subjects died with 2110 unknown outcomes

-449 subjects suffered Facial Paralysis, Facial Paresis

-70 subjects suffered Liver related issues, signs and symptoms or PT Liver Injury
    -5 of these 70 died, as a result.

-932 subjects suffered blood related issues with clotting, etc.
    -(Leukopenias NEC (HLT) (Primary Path) or 
    -Neutropenias (HLT) (Primary Path) or 
    -PTs Immune thrombocytopenia, 
    -Thrombocytopenia or 
    -SMQ Hemmorage terms (excl laboratory terms) 
    -34 died
    -371 had unknown outcomes. 

Most frequently reported relevant issues with greater than or equal to 15 occurences include:

    -Epistaxis (127)

    -Contusion (112)

    -Injection-Site Bruising (96)

    -Injection-Site Hemorrage (42)

    -Petechiae (50)

    -Hemorrage (42)

    -Hematochezia (34)

    -Thrombocytopenia (33)

    -Injection-Site Hematoma (32)

    -Conjunctival Hemorrage (29)

    -Vaginal Hemorrage (29)

    -Hematoma (27)

    -Hemoptysis (27)

    -Menorrhagia (27)

    -Hematemesis (25)

    -Eye Hemorrage (23)

    -Rectal Hemorrage (22)

    -Immune Thrombocytopenia (20)

    -Blood in Urine (19)

    -Hematuria (16)

    -Neutropenia (16)

    -Purpura (16)

    -Diarrhea Hemorragic (15)


    "Pfizer vaccine data. Pfizer wanted you to wait until 2085 to know that the vaccine you took has 9 PAGES of side effects. Start with page 30. I've never seen anything like it. I can't even get my head around this."
    -Dr. Afshine Emrani, MD FACC

    Once again, the American people are about to learn the hard way, the cost of trusting our so-called "Authorities." 

    Many other pertinent documents can be found at the 
Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency document page, here: PHMPT Docs


Christopher Loree is a devout Christian and an Ohio-based Voluntaryist, Anarcho-Capitalist blogger, political pundit, Forex investor, freelance business and marketing consultant, and venture capitalist. 

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