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The Clinton Death-Toll: Part One

First Note: On the qualification of entries;... There are lists available elsewhere online that are more comprehensive than this one, (some including as many as 140 deaths.) Such compilations include every  Clinton-associated death that is both mysterious and untimely. This list is, in the interest of fairness, more selective as to both relationship and suspiciousness of cause. In other words, what follows is a list comprised only of those mysterious and untimely deaths who had a direct relationship with the Clintons, (such as Vince Foster.) I've omitted any deaths of persons who were only associated with the Clintons by proxy of intermediary persons or organizations, excepting in cases where an unassociated person's death is highly suspected by multiple law enforcement and justice officials to have been connected to the Clintons' activities or associations, (such as Kevin Ives & Don Henry.) Also, to whatever extent possible, I've included far more infor