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Who Dares Wins - Podcast Episode

Podcast Episode 0.1: Who Dares Wins If ep. 0 was the appetizer, this is the main course. Enjoy. ***

Ukraine is the New Russia - Podcast Episode

Sunder the Sky - Podcast Episode Zero ***

Jeffrey Epstein's "Little Black Book" (Unredacted): Download

Full, unedited, un-redacted .pdf of Jeffrey Epstein's "Little Black Book." Download it here: ---

The Clinton Death-Toll: Part Two

Before I get into the second part of this list, I want to begin by saying that it's proving itself to be quite the psychological odyssey, researching the suspicious deaths surrounding the Clintons and their inner circle. To get a sense of what I'm talking about, take a moment to consider the following questions. First, how many people do you know who've died in plane crashes? How many people do you know who committed suicide? Or who were killed in robberies gone wrong? Or who were "robbed" and yet had nothing stolen? How many people do you know who've been decapitated? Burned alive? Hit by trains? For the Clintons, the answers to these questions are staggering.  If any of you reading this were able to claim one-twentieth of their numbers,... anyone you told about it would immediately consider you a serial killer, and would likely report their information and suspicions to the FBI. As I stated in the opening notes of the previous