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Review: The Walking Dead - S7 Premiere - **NO SPOILERS**

Don't worry if you haven't seen the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead. I won't spoil anything here. The episode definitely stung,... a lot. It left a very sour taste. It left me, as a fan, uncertain of how I felt about it. But, that's exactly how they want us to feel at this point. The episode, (again, without spoiling anything) is devastating. If you have anything to do which requires a cool and clear head, don't watch this episode right before it. I Love Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Everything I've ever seen him in, he is both entertaining and completely convincing. Good actors can give you one or the other of those things. It takes a great actor to give you both,... and a superb actor to do so, consistently. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a superb actor. His portrayal of the Comedian in Watchmen, made me Love the character I liked the least (and even hated) in the comic. I can't picture anyone else playing any of the characters he's played; from Joh

Don't Lose Friendships Over Politics

Has election season always been this rough on friendships? Friendships and families are actually too precious to throw away for transient reasons. So many people I know are getting into Facebook fights, Twitter wars, Instagram arguments, and Snapchat squabbles. What begins as an ideological dispute ends in bitterness. People are provoking others, demanding those who do or don’t support their candidate leave their networks, cutting ties with friends and family, and all because of political differences. I can’t even imagine what the Thanksgiving table will be like this year! People perceive the stakes this year to be that high. To be sure, political philosophy does matter and does carry high stakes. However, the partisan struggle for the control of the state apparatus by this or that temporary manager doesn’t matter as much as election season seems to suggest. You might be being manipulated, and friendships and families are actually too precious to throw away for transient reasons.