"Transgender" =/= "Pervert"

I'm so sick of this *Who Should Be Using Which Bathroom* debate at this point, and all you people chasing this latest distraction from whatever the hell our government is actually up to this time. Of all the mindless, idiotic strings the state-whore media has dangled to divert the public's attention, this is by far the most trivial. Are people really this obedient to the media? If they told you to make naval-lint the new hot-button issue to obsess over and direct all of your energy and attention toward for the next year, would you do it? You would, wouldn't you?

Seriously, who cares what bathroom someone uses? "Transgender" is not synonymous with "pervert." Just like "gun owner" is not synonymous with "mass murderer." There are plenty of perverts using the same restroom as your little sons and daughters *now.* It's already illegal to molest a child, correct? Those laws aren't keeping anyone out of the """wrong"""" restroom now, are they?

Why is it that all you right-wingers completely understand the uselessness and unintended consequences of legal-bans, whenever the topic is guns, but your brain completely loses all concept of it when the topic is something that your masters's propagandists have diligently couched in sexuality? The legal mafia is only interested in gaining more ways to control you. They only want more levers of legal precedent with which to prosecute those who are inconvenient to their agendas. They know that all they have to do to get public agreement from the Right is to threaten a bunch of kids with molestation and present themselves as the knights in shining armor who are going to *magic* the threat away with pieces of paper and lots and lots of guns. Same thing on the Left. If they want Left wing support, they know all they have to do is threaten a bunch of kids with starvation, and all you Lefties will leap to attention and dance to their tune.

But, whatever... you people are so addicted to rhetorical gloss, at this point that I know I'm wasting my breath on this "issue."

From now on, whenever and wherever I see it come up, I'm just going to spam the thread with clips from the South Park episode on the "Toilet Safety Administration."

Keep in mind that episode aired *four years ago.*



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