How to Feel Good About this Election (or... "The Silver-Lining You've Probably Missed")

So, this post comes on the heels of a very rough week, for me. The past several days have been probably among the toughest and most challenging experiences I've lived through.

It started for me when some people I know,... members of a certain hacktivist group you've heard of, unless you've been living under a rock for the last several years... started talking about an information dump that was coming in the (then) immediate future. It was something coordinated with Wikileaks, that had originally been intended as part of the "October Surprise." It had been delayed, when those compiling the information discovered that what it contained was several shades darker than anyone had anticipated, and they wanted to give their sources a chance to get out of the country before going public with it.

That information has since come out.

I was immediately blown away by what it contained. It turned my stomach worse than anything I've ever read, but I committed myself to doing my research and publishing a trio of articles here, examining the information in stages.

However, as I commenced with my research, I found that it was making me physically ill to keep focused on it. Initially, I put in a good eight hours of work, after which I felt dizzy, nauseous and unable to continue. I took to bed for the night. Since then, I've only been able to work in very short, (thirty-minute to one-hour,) sessions and ultimately, I just ended up feeling evicted from the work. I simply could not continue to put my eyes to it. I couldn't get my fingers moving on the keys. I had to stop.

Then, I checked into social media, (Facebook & Twitter are my primaries, which makes me as unique as your average Bic pen.) Predictably, everybody's talking about tomorrow's election, and every last post that I so much as glanced at stirred up my stomach again.

The only way I can describe the feeling was an intense and pervading sense of dread. It was a certainty that no matter what happens tomorrow, it's going to be bad. I shut off my computer, and my phone. I climbed into bed and just shut down.

Today, I've found... quite by necessity, a new outlook.

I still intend to push forward with my work on the John Podesta email-dump, but for the time being, I thought I would focus on something more positive. Because I realized that there is a silver-lining to this election, and it's one that is absolutely guaranteed to happen. "Silver" isn't even the right word for it. It is incandescent! It shines with a light all its own, more brightly than the sun on a clear day.

No matter what happens tomorrow; whether Trump's landslide is publicly acknowledged by the powers that be, or the Axis of the DNC, the Clinton Campaign and the Mainstream Media completely obscure it to pilfer the election,... a gleaming upside will remain.

The real takeaway that we should all be very happy with, from this entire, year-long ordeal of debates and mudslinging and propaganda is this: Realizing that we have now moved completely into and are living in the Information Age, (that is; the era of information is no longer "being built" or "having its foundation poured," but is now fully established, fully in effect and cannot be stopped...) the previous, undisputed rulers of Information... have been deposed.

No one trusts the Mainstream Media anymore. In fact, it's actually become something of an oxymoron to refer to them by that term. Public trust in the MSM is at a historic low. It is now below 6%. That means that over 94% of the American public no longer trust CNN, C-SPAN, MSNBC, FOX, The Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal, etc. The true "Mainstream" of the media is now what has been heretofore referred to as "Alternative Media," or simply "New Media."

Here's what this has to do with feeling good about the election;... No matter what happens tomorrow, November 8th, 2016... the (previously) "Mainstream" Media will never, and can never... recover from this shattering of the American people's faith in them.

Their handling of this election has become the final nail in the coffin containing what's left of their public-trust.

If Trump wins, it will only confirm that the MSM has been straight-up lying about their polling data, their consumer feedback studies, and their reporting on the public-reaction to the debates and news-items. If Trump wins the election, after six-straight months of media pundits telling us, firstly that he has "absolutely no chance to win," and secondly that they're basing that assessment on real figures and data-points,.. (for a great example, listen to the pundit discussions before the last of the three Presidential Debates; it was nothing but, "Trump can't win," "It's over," "Get used to saying 'Madam President," etc.) If, after all of that, Trump ends up winning, it will officially be the end of anyone buying into Mainstream Media narratives ever again.

"But," you're probably asking, "what if the election goes to Clinton?"

It's a real possibility. A lot of people are saying that "she's going to win, whether she actually wins or not," ...and I think that's an astute assessment of how things are working in Washington right now.

So, it's a fair question; If the election goes to Hillary, won't that just confirm everything the MSM has been saying for the last year?

Well,... no.

See, here's the thing... full disclosure; I'm not a Trump fan. Prior to this election, I've never followed Donald Trump, particularly. I read his book, "The Art of the Deal," years ago. But, I'm not a big Trump guy. I don't think he's nearly the ridiculous monster that many others do, but that's not to say that I'm a "fan."

That having been said, there is something pretty major that I have in common with at least 99.9% of the people in this picture...

And, to be fair... it's something that I'll bet I have in common with everybody in this picture too...

...and it is this: I HAVE FUNCTIONING SENSES!

See, the MSM has been talking up how nobody likes this Trump-guy, he's got less than no chance to win the election, his Mommy dresses him funny, he's got weird hair, and he said "Pussy" once, tee hee hee... etc.

All the while, THIS...

...has been the actual reality of the physical universe we occupy for the last twelve months.

Donald Trump was drawing crowds of between 200,000 and 300,000 people per rally.

Hillary Clinton drew a total of just over 25,000 people at all of her rallies combined!

That's right! Hello! Good morning, everybody! Reality check! The magician isn't *actually* pulling a magical rabbit out of a hat! The emperor is wearing no clothing at all! Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and toaster-pastries that don't taste like chalk are figments of your imagination!

...And Hillary Clinton is *nowhere near* Donald Trump in terms of popularity with voters.

So, no... if the election goes to Hillary it won't "prove the MSM right." It will actually prove Trump's assertion that the electoral system has been rigged and that the Mainstream Media is bullshitting you!

That is your silver-lining: The Mainstream Media in the United States of America in 2016 AD, has performed the single greatest instance of painting oneself into a corner, in the history of man. They have no way out of this exposure. They did it to themselves. They lifted their own curtain. The bell cannot be un-rung.

Whatever else the future might hold in store... the straight-up terrorist, propaganda and indoctrination institution known as the "Mainstream Media" has been broken. The people of this country are demonstrably,... deafeningly... tired of a government that treats them like they are the enemy. It is a system that uses and abuses them, while charging them for the privilege and demonizing them for good measure, all because their interests don't align with that of the ruling elite-class. The media has been trumpeting the virtue of this wholly perverse and lecherous system, in open condescension and defiance of the will and awareness of the people. Watch the Presidential Debates again. They're all available, in full, on YouTube. They're not even hiding their bias for the left, nor their pure, elitist contempt for the "unwashed masses," that are their vision of the American public, anymore.

They have devoted billions of dollars toward focusing on a candid conversation that took place on a bus, over a decade ago... to the complete exclusion of literally thousands of pages of revelations of criminal activity on the part of the Clintons and their inner-circle! They have held their narrative line of "violent, rioting Trump supporters," in open denial of the revelations about George Soros' funding of Clinton supporters to riot at Trump rallies! They have maintained their stance on fraudulent polling practices, and voter fraud, in open denial of the Project: Veritas video evidence showing said fraud happening right in front of all three-hundred million pairs of American eyes!

And now, most recently? We've got reams of evidence, straight from the Clinton campaign themselves, that the Clintons and John Podesta have participated in Satanic, Cannibalistic rituals involving pedophilia and child-sex-slave trafficking... and the MSM has flat-out, openly refused to cover it!

Their defense?

"B-b-but... 'grab 'em by the pussy, they let you do it," ...remember, guys?

Their problem is that this is not the 1930s. They don't decide what information the public eye has access to, anymore. The internet exists. The information is out there, widespread and decentralized. The marketplace of ideas remains a FREE-market, whether-the-fuck they like it or not! We can find this information, and we can put our eyes on these things. So, the big "news" networks are only further torching their own credibility, when they pretend that they can suppress information by sticking their collective heads up their asses.

Well,... we've seen them for the propagandists that they are, now. No one believes them, and no one is interested in their spin anymore.

New Media has, over the course of the last few years, risen to not only "compete with," but to replace... the MSM. Viewership for New Media outlets is screamingly high, and it only continues to rise, as public trust in the MSM continues to wither away to nothing.

The power of the elite to obscure and spin the truth has all the horsepower of a motorized flea-circus.

That is going to remain true, no matter what happens tomorrow.

So,... to liberty minded people, I say this; Keep speaking truth to power.
Your audience has never been larger.



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